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Language conveys so much more than just information

Language helps to understand and be understood; it is an ambassador across cultural boundaries. What a text really aims to express, however, isn’t simply revealed by the faithful translation of single words: A good translation requires a contextual interpretation while also perceiving and revealing nuances.

It is my mission – and passion – to transport the sense and character of a text, be it technical, promotional or literary, into the target language as authentically and precisely as possible.

As a copy editor and proofreader, I devote just as much care to help good wording even better, and I take joy in teaching Business English, all in keeping with enabling best possible communications.

About me

Since 2002, I have worked as a freelance translator, copy editor / proofreader and teacher of Business English. Professional expertise, creativity and competence in dealing with language concepts go hand in hand. My excellent language and technical skills are not least the result of a long-standing, international professional career.

Professional experience

Roswitha R. Bergmann
Foto Roswitha Bergmann

My customers

My customer base includes regional, national and international clients from a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to:

Personal encounters and customer closeness frequently lead to long-standing, trusting cooperation, underscoring the high quality of my work.

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References on request

Business Translations

Specialized in translations from German to English and English-German. I also offer translations from French to German and English, as well as English-French. Other language combinations on request.

  • Company profiles and advertising
  • Market surveys and presentations
  • Annual reports
  • Contracts, legal documents
  • Technical papers & articles
  • General correspondence

Literaterary Translations

  • Specialist literature
  • Biographies
  • Poetry translations

Copy-editing / Proofing / Copywriting

Copy-editing and proofreading of documents for print such as PR and advertising materials, annual reports, equity holdings reports, etc. in German and English, incl. PDF, PPTX and Excel docs. All your documents are treated confidentially. Providing support in copywriting advertising and press communications, articles, etc. in a cooperation network of industry specialists.

Teaching English

Inhouse Business English classes for small groups or one-on-one lessons.

Prices / Quote

Simply send me your translation or proofing requests quickly and efficiently by e-mail any time.

Reliable and on-time delivery is a given, as is the thorough processing of manuscripts and documents.

Translations are usually charged per standard line. Prices vary according to expenditure and order volume (starting at € 1.20 / line). Other projects, e.g. PPTX presentations, proofreading of PDF docs etc. are invoiced on a time-basis. The hourly rate is € 45.00.

Express orders are possible.

I would be happy to send you a quote. Please contact me.

Professional experience

  • Freelance translator, copy editor / proofreader and teacher of Business English in Ottobrunn near Munich
  • Proofreader / translator (part-time) at Messe München GmbH: Proofreading all legally binding documents, e.g. exhibitor forms and contracts, advertisements and PR in mailings and the media, the annual report and other trade-fair related documents. Translations English / German / English and coordination and verification of commissioned translations into the target languages English, French and Italian.
  • International professional experience in various positions in Cologne, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Munich. Long-standing career as commercial specialist at the American Consulate General, promoting U.S. exports through various program activities. Key sectors aerospace, electronics production equipment, and electronic components
  • Education: Certified Commercial Assistant, Wholesale and Foreign Trade (iron and steel sector); Certified Translator
  • As a hobby, I translate the language of the stars.